How to create a professional digital video

In this practical guide how to create a professional video, we report the basic concepts to create a professional video useful for corporate marketing purposes, for hobbies or for family use.

With the diffusion of digital technology a new cultural and social phenomenon develops, users become protagonists of the network as they realize and propose the circulation of digital videos. This rapid evolution allows all users to participate in communication with the possibility of filming important events, telling and sharing through the internet small stories, events and facts that ultimately constitute the history of our era.

Digital videos spread rapidly on the web

This digital revolution has allowed us to overcome a huge barrier that stood between amateur users and audiovisual professionals. The complexity of television and transmission production systems allowed only professionals, cameramen, technicians, journalists and experts to access the use of equipment to create audiovisual products.

With the spread of broadband and with the exponential growth of interconnected users, the enormous obstacle of image transmission has also been overcome.

Before the digital revolution, who owned the structure to transmit and the equipment also controlled the contents, now those who own the networks or the media does not control the contents that can be generated by a multiplicity of users (User-Generated Content). Naturally, the evolution of digital technology has produced enormous benefits, but there have also been negative effects on the quality of audiovisual products circulating in the network in the production and sharing system.

Container sites have an interest in the multiplication of users and the contents or use of basic techniques are no longer checked. Analyzing the videos published on YouTube or other video sharing sites, it is clear that, except for the films made by professionals, the production is poor, there are thousands of useless videos. Digital videos are made without taking into account the basic techniques of audiovisual language, many images are not clear, many shots are not balanced, sometimes the zoom is misused, especially missing a logic to get a sequence of images.

Let’s see how to create a professional digital video. In order to create a good audiovisual product it is not enough to have the best equipment, although technological progress has simplified the use of video production means the techniques of filming, editing and the audiovisual language remain unchanged. Each video production is a small film, even if it lasts a few minutes and to make it happen it is necessary to use the techniques of the television language which is composed of four important elements: images, text, sound and video editing. When these elements merge together, an excellent audiovisual product is created.

The functions of the camera

To create a professional quality digital video, it is necessary to use video cameras that allow the manual control of all the functions. Although not all have manual controls, it is essential to know how the use of each individual parameter can determine the final image, only in this way it is possible to exploit the full potential of a video camera. Here are some basic tips:

  • To know the video camera, to try as much as possible to understand its functioning through the verification of the functionality
  • White Balance is essential to ensure color cleaning
  • The zoom control
  • exposure
  • The depth of field
  • Factors that influence depth of field
  • The lighting
  • High Definition
  • The sound
  • How to create a professional video: shooting techniques

In order to correctly make the shots it is necessary to know some technical notions and some rules of composition, typical of photography. This section shows the rules for building a sequence of images, that is a certain number of frames linked to each other by a logic. Furthermore, the methods for obtaining clear images, useful for editing and viewing the user, are also illustrated, also identifying the main technical errors that are usually committed by beginners. Here are four fundamental steep:

  • The shots
  • Classification of shots
  • The composition of the images
  • The sequences

Tale for images

The basic elements of an image story are essentially four: moving images, text, sound and editing. This section describes how to assemble sequences with text and sound. Making images very often is not enough to build a story, which is why it becomes important to write a good text by interpreting the images. In addition, the chapter describes how to make various audiovisual products: reportage, documentary, interviews.

  • Tale for images
  • The editing of an audiovisual text
  • Video Reportage
  • Interviews
  • Documentary

Digital video editing

After making the video footage and writing the text, the videos are placed on the timeline of the software where the designed audiovisual product is constructed. This section explains the essential steps for acquiring and editing a digital video.

Non-linear video editing techniques.
Video Editing Programs
Open source video editing

Network sharing

When the audiovisual product is finished, depending on the objective to be achieved, the size of the video is determined using compression, and the appropriate video format is chosen, also trying to understand which technology is using the video sharing site.

Video Marketing

On video sharing sites and in particular on YouTube, you can view a number of professional videos created to promote brands and products. The video sharing sites are visited by millions of users and this favors the visibility of the companies that can insert videos without paying the expensive, advertising budgets also claiming little expense to realize them.

Video marketing favors especially small businesses and small professionals who can create, video and put them on the market. Based on your goal, you can publish videos to generate sales of a product, attract traffic to your site or company. This section explains how to use video sharing sites and in particular YouTube to create video marketing, through infomercial, entertainment videos or information that attract the attention of visitors but that contain advertising messages.

Video marketing on Youtube and other video sharing sites
Instructional videos to convey advertising messages.
Product Placement


To create a professional digital video, you need a good video camera. There are many models of professional video cameras or cunsumer that can guarantee a good video product. In this guide we offer some:

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